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Mission statement:

Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel TOGETHER through Intentional, Life-to-Life Friendship, Community, and Discipleship

 ". . . so that in everything they may adorn the doctrine of God our savior" Titus 2:10 

Committed to  . . . . 

Adorned with the Gospel 

What kind of impact would we make among unbelievers if we truly become women adorned with the beauty of the Gospel?


The method is as simple as women sitting down together, opening their lives and the Word, receiving and passing on to others the baton of faith and Christlike character.


The women around you, overwhelmed by the undertow of life but longing to be beautiful—adorned—need more than a book to read or a class to attend or more worship music to play.


They need you!!!

They need your presence, your concern, your prayers.


As we live out the beauty of the Gospel—younger and older women together—we will be beautified and blessed and, yes, overjoyed. That will will over into our homes, our churches, our workplaces, and communities, and ultimately our world.


And in the end, Christ will be “glorified in his saints, and  . . . marveled at among all who have believed” (2 Thess 1:10)


Such pure beauty. Such eternal joy.


Let’s pursue it—let’s pursue Him—together!!

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