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Bible Reading Challenge 2024-2026

Pastor Patrick is encouraging us all as a means of being EQUIPPED to read through certain books of the Bible each month.  He has outlined a suggested reading schedule so we can all do this together. 


Within a month you are encouraged to read the Bible 3 Ways:

1) Familiarity- with this, you simply read through the Bible text; You will be amazed at how the Lord can use His Word simply by devoting time to reading it.  

2) Study- here is where you go a step further and take the time to study to listen, to seek out the meaning in the text, consider the context, and the audience that it was written to gain a fuller understanding. You can use dictionaries, commentary, and more. 

3) Meditate- this is where you allow God's Word to mold and shape you as you think about what you've read and studied and conform your life to it.  The Word of God instructs us to take God's Words to heart, to speak of it, to cherish it to keep His Word always before us. 

To help in this challenge here is a copy of the plan you can print. 
We also have bookmarks available at the church. 
You can click the button below in order to download this resource. 

Are you joining us for the Bible reading challenge? 

Then let us know so we can keep in touch! 

Thanks for submitting and joining the challenge!!

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